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Bridal Bouquet Showcase

'Against her ankles as she trod The lucky buttercups did nod.''

Jean Ingelow, Reflections.

As mentioned in previous posts I had the privelage of working with Belinda McCarthy an incredible photographer based here in Shillingstone. We created a few styled shots of some of my Bridal Bouquets. The mini shoot was held at Shillingstone House which is run and owned by Sir and Lady Salt. The grounds are timeless, quirky and incredibly welcoming.

As much as I love the delicate pastles and nude tones many a bridal bouquet takes, you honestly can't beat bright and bold. Summer is a riot of colour when it comes to the choice of blooms from Oranges, shades of Purple, Magenta and every tone of pink you can imagine. So sometimes you don't have to blend palettes together, be tonal or subtle. Sometimes in your face colour clashes and pops of contrast are as beautiful and stylish as any nude rose bouquet.

This Buttercup Bold bridal bouquet is made up of Alliums, scented Stocks in a range of colours, Wild Look Rose, burnt orange Garden Roses, and Centeura. Kept in a classic

round posy shape to match the feel of the 50's dress and set off with coral shoes. It certainly adds a little bit of rock and pop to a colourful wedding style.

Creating blooms for any wedding is a personal and individual process, as a wedding florist I believe that every wedding is unique. Therefore, I guide each couple through the process of creating beautiful flowers that complement their day and that they will fall in love with.

If you are looking for beatiful and bespoke flowers for your wedding then please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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