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Fine Art Wedding Boutique

I am so pleased to be able to share this with you, the last 6 months of my new business has been a rollercoaster. However, being part of this wonderful group of Fine Art Wedding Suppliers is probably the icing on the cake! It is an incredible groups of passionate and dedicated artisan wedding suppliers. A great place to find everything you need to add that high end and luxury feel to your wedding.. anyhow here is the proper press release about its launch..

Modern Artisans for the Fine Art Bride

A curated marketplace for fine art wedding vendors based in the UK, the Fine Art Wedding Boutique is a new and exciting platform showcasing the very best highly skilled luxury wedding suppliers creating and designing beautiful pieces for the discerning bride and groom.

'CARE more than others think wise, RISK more than others think safe. DREAM more than others think practical. EXPECT more than others think possible.' - Claude Bissell

This quote resonates with me and has been the driving force behind creating the boutique. I've been asked what makes the boutique different from just another wedding site or directory or online shop. It's been a hard one to answer because there were so many reasons I started this venture.

Because I passionately believe in the incredible skills UK suppliers have to offer, because I thought there should be a better, easier way for brides to connect with true artisans. Because I like to work with people that truly, deeply care about the work they do and their clients.

Because I love our industry and want to make it better. Because I want to create, not just physically beautiful things, but community and understanding so that brides and grooms can find in us a place they trust, a treasure trove of beautiful things and a truly different way of planning their wedding - with people that CARE, take RISKS to obtain perfection for their clients, DREAM of those little details that count and EXPECT more of themselves than any client will. - Kate Cullen, founder

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