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2017 Wedding Trends

So here we are at the start of 2017 and its full steam ahead with wedding prep and meeting all our lovely brides. A big part of any wedding florist's job is to be able to take a brides dream and create it! That is the part of my job I love most! As much as I tailor each wedding to each bride, you always begin to see certain trends come through, be it accent colours, choice of foliage or the flower of the moment.

So here is just a little of what I am seeing from my brides for this summer..

A riot of colour!

As much as I am a true romantic at heart and love nothing that a bucket of the palest sweet peas and nude garden roses.. I am also a bit addicted to vibrant colour, I get that from my Mother and growing up with a bright red piano in our hallway!

More and more of my brides are wanting colour, and I mean clashing, bright and the unexpected combinations. I love it when colour becomes a part of the day and gosh can it transform a white marquee or a more modest venue.

Wedding Bouquet - Peppermint Love Photograhphy

If you are thinking to add colour then consider using blooms like Tulips and Ranuculus in the spring, the bright clashing colours of the Dahlias from July to October. I love putting unsual combinations together, adding a touch of lime green with purple in the summer or orange with deep reds in winter?

Something Blue..

I have always noticed that trends take a little time to filter down from the Catwalk to the High street.. it is no different with Wedding Styling. I am seeing a huge lean towards the 2016 Pantone Colours of Serentiy this summer. With pale blue shades being used this summer with a gentle leaning towards lilac.

Think of Sweet Peas, Clematis, Delphinium, Scabious and Hydrangea during the summer months. In spring time add a touch of blue with Muscari, Forget me Not and Scilla..

Going Green!

Pantone released their colour predictions at the end of last year. They have predicted that Kale will be incredibly popular this year. I was starting to see Brides wanting heavy on the foliage and full green look in the lead up to the end of 2016. That will now filter through to bridesmaid dresses, bouquets and final choice of stationary.

I love all the textures foliage can bring to a bouquet, like below.. a bouquet of all foliage does not have to be boring! Thing about texture and structure, adding items like Lotus or Poppy heads.

If you are looking for more 'Kale' inspiration then check out my Pinterest Board with a heap of ideas. I am loving the combination of 'Kale' and creamy 'Hazlenut' together.. just yummy!

and finally...

What I have loved to see is that Brides are not afraid of being individual, brave and free in their choice of flowers!

Here is to a fantastic 2017 or wonderful and beautiful weddings..

Em x

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