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Printing with Flowers

Last summer I treated to myself to a day out and went on a bundle dying course with Botalincal Inks run by..

I was fascintaed by the way that you could pass colour through petals on to fabric and especially silk. With the fashion being to use beautiful Naturally Dyed Ribbons to tie bouquets and stream in the wind.. I was more than a little intrigued.

Bundle Dyeing with flowers

Over the dark winter months I have sat and read all about the dying process.. what colours create what shades and the mechanics behind it all. The reason why I loved the idea of bundle dying with flowers, petals and leaves is not only the beautiful and mottled colours it creates...........

Bundly Dying Silk

But as a florist I am working with a living product and there will all ways be that one stem who is weaker than the other and can't be used, picked petals, stripped foliage and sadly the ones that just do not make the cut. Before all those little pits of beauty of ends up on the vast compost pile.. it seems a pity not to use all their capability to create moments of beauty on silk.

So these last few weeks I have kept back some my leftovers to start trialing and builing up my own selection of bundle dyed silk.. perfect for ribbon or table runners.. or just to make me smile.

So am looking forward to tying bouquets with beautiful silks and knowing that their dying process has been 100% natural.

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