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Is Pinterest Perfect?

Is Pinterest Perfect? It is a tool I admittedly use on a frequent basis - I have used it to save ideas for Garden projects as well as top tips on keeping Chickens!

I use it frequently with my brides to illustrate varieties of flowers and looking at it for potential ideas. But like many of today's modern social media apps, like Facebook and Instagram does Pinterest have as many flaws as it does benefits?

I thought I would put together a few handy tips and pointers to remember when using Pinterest to help gather your ideas for a wedding.

1. Online Scap Book!

My biggest tip I give to the Brides I work with is that use Pinterest as your scrap book! It is a great place to save your ideas to and have different boards for different parts of your day. But it does not mean that all your images have to come from Pinterest itself.

No different to Instagram and Facebook - it is driven by Algorithms and much of the time will continue to use the same images again and again. I can pretty much guarantee that on every brides pinterest board their is this one image pinned to it!

So how to break the system: well search outside Pinterest for inspiration. There are so many beautiful and individual blogs to read and take inspiration from. The big British ones being Love my Dress and Rock My Wedding. But look further afield, to more unknow blogs like Magnolia Rougue, Adorn Magazine, Flutter Mag and Wedding Sparrow.

Use instagram and search certain #hashtags relevant to your big day. Take screenshots of those images or pin directly to your boards. Try #underthefloralspell, #bridetobe and #dorsetwedding

Also if you are looking for inspiration in print then remember you can always screenshots imagery that inspires you and upload that to your board.

2. Be brave and press delete.

I see many pinterest boards from brides where there are clear moments of a 'change of heart' or where they have gone on a 'different tack'. If that happens be brave and delete images that are no longer inspiring to you or you are a little over. My rule of thumb is that every 15 pins I make to a board - I will always go back and delete 5 and keep the best 10.

3. From one to another. Like any Mood Board you are creating, the images need to sit well with each other - make a connection to the next one and tell a story of your vision. There should be a clear vibe or feeling once the images begin to pull together.

4. That one thing..

One thing I notice with a lot of the Pinterest boards I get to view.. is that there is usually a common theme running through them. Sometimes brides will Pin bouquets with the same pop of colour in every one, constantly go for bouquets with that touch of jasmine or understated flower variety sitting in the background. For me it's these common threads that are the key as it is usually done by instinct! Its people's personal taste hiding among the images they like.

5. Don't go Shopping

Sadly images on Pinterest do not come with a Price Tag and with regards to my industry it is one of the hardest part of using Pinterest to gather ideas. So I would always say remember to use Pinterest as moments of inspiration and don't use it as a shopping list, because if that is the case you can end up easily disappointed. Pinterest and the wedding indutsry is driven massively by the American market where the average spend on 'wedding flowers' is proportionaly much greater than the UK market.

6. Finally..

Check out individual people's Pinterest Page.. where boards have been developed and curated for inspiration..

I on Martha and the Meadows page have numbers of lovely flowery filled boards from Pew Ends, Hair flowers and more..

One fantastic Pinterest Page to check out is the Fine Art Wedding Boutique.. which just has a growing collection of beautiful pinned wedding images.

Hopefully these little tips will help you along the way..

I look forward to seeing your Pinterest board!

Em x

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