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Behind the Scenes at St Giles House, Wimborne.

There are not many days you open your inbox and find emails from overseas film photographers asking you to collaborate on Fine Art Shoots in the Uk.. well back in the spring when I opened my inbox and found two delightful emails from US photographers Orange Photographie and Australian photographer Ashton Jean Pierre...

......... yes I pretty much fell of my chair and had to re read there emails as it felt like a dream. A little bit like when Rona asked me to be featured on her website.

So I jumped feet first straight in to this incredible opportunity.

So here are a few little shots from the first of these two shoots with Sam and Reid - the most lovely of married couples who photograph in film and even develop their own photographs. Based in Montana in the US and having a soft spot for the UK.. they took the chance to photograph in some unqiue spaces across the country. I had the chance to work with them back at the incredible St Giles House.. Which is just magical and has this incredible quality of being lost in time.

Here are a few little i- phone shots from behind the scenes.. My phone could be classed as a little vintage.. . so excuse the images..

Bouquet was created in soft blush colours with Claude de Tam Peony, Blanchette Garden Spray roses, Alchillea, Dorset Sweet Peas, Sycamore, David Austin Purity Rose and Honeysuckle..

Working with Sam and Reid as well as Sara from Wedding Sparrow it was a great day despite the drizzle and inclement weather. Look forward to seeing the photos in the coming weeks and as soon as I can I will share them with you..

Em x

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