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Cutting Garden...

So back in the spring you will have seen on instagram that with the help of Martha and hubby.. I turned my little tired allotment into a cutting patch for growing unique stems of blooms not available so easily on the market to florists.

Passionate about always finding that something unexpected to design with.. I took on the task of growing a select handful of blooms for this summer. I have had success on the most parts and every Thursday night a new batch of cut stems heads its way to be added to the bounty of flowers for that weekends wedding.

Allready looking to Autumn planting and opening up new beds and trying new stems I can only see this little project grow. I hope next year to be using even more British flowers for my weddings here in Dorset and the South West. With also growing relationships with local Dorset flower farmers who have been supplying us weekly with beautiful blooms I am excited about being able to offer more and more local stems into our work..

I will admit that there at points there has been more weeds than flowers and the slugs munched quite happily on my Icelandic Poppies and Phlox creme brulle... I had the exciting experience of making Garlic Spray which stunk the cottage out for days.. as well as crying over the mice eating my Sweet Pea seeds. But it is part of the thrill of growing and the reward that comes of cutting stems for brides knowing that you have nurtured them throughout their journey is a delight.

The thrill of my first Icelandic Poppy before the slugs had the rest for supper!

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