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Elegant and relaxed vibe in the Wick Barn, Wiltshire - for Gemma and Johnathon.

Back in July it was an early start and another van load headed off to Marlborough in Wiltshire.. for Gemma and Johnathon's wedding. A lovely couple who wanted a beautiful, elegant wedding - but which was thoroughly relaxed..

The brief was oodles of romance and white blooms tied in white eucalyptus to represent Gemma's Australian family and travels. I designed and oversized and sumptous bouquet for Gemma and smaller for textural bouquets for her Maids.

The Wedding was held at St Georges Church just outside Malborough in the most idylic setting and the reception in the most splendid of locations at Wick Barn about 5 miles outside Malborough.. tucked away miles from anything and just poppy fields as its company! You could party away to your hearts content out there..

" I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your hard work on the flowers this weekend and throughout the planning of the wedding - they all looked so amazing and got so many compliments from everyone, and the barn looked absolutely brilliant! I'll definitely recommend you to anyone we know getting married."

Gemma and Johnathon..

Struggled with my camera in the glaring light outside the Church and inside the Barn.. the below images are all mine.. and slightly dodgy.. the above ones are all professional images taken Caro Hutchinson Photography.

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