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A step in a new direction.

2020 has been the year none of us expected, it has created some challenges along the way for everyone. This year has touched everyone around the world. I am not sure it its the disease that has caused so much damage, or the fear of our own mortality. However, the impact has been felt in so many ways from the stress and strain of peoples health and livelihoods to the personal challenges people have faced within themselves.

I have tried to find clarity and understanding through this time. I started my business as a focus through a time of my life when things were not working out how I expected. So to find that business being pulled out underneath me, by nothing but Governmental restrictions has been difficult. My business helped me find incredible like minded people who have got me through that tough time and I have built a new version of my life that I feel content in.So the last thing I want to do is have to walk from something that feels so right and is such a huge part of my life.

With everything on hold, still uncertain I have a desperate need to create and have armful of flowers once again. So I have taken the decision to step in a different direction for the meantime. I will always undertake weddings, work with couples and brides to create beautiful weddings and special memories to treasure. However, for the mean time I am working on expanding the 'Martha and the Meadow' brand to create beautiful flowers for the everyday as well as those special moments.

So as I have been saying all year onwards and upwards.

So you will find Christmas Wreath workshops available to book now online and a new spring collection of workshops being worked upon now to launch for early November. This is an exciting angle to continue working on. I believe there is a great need to connect with nature and understanding the beauty of flowers and how to work with them in a way that feels true to yourself is a beautiful way to do so.

An online shop will be launched soon with Festive goodies to order, as well as Bountiful Flower Bouquets and Gift Vouchers all ideal gifts or a treat for yourself. These will all be available for local delivery here in North Dorset as well as National delivery across the England, Scotland and Wales.

As the year has gone on, I have felt calmer more accepting of things and closer to mother nature in a way that almost feels childlike. I can feel passionate about making myself heard with regards to Politics and being there for friends, providing them a should to cry on or laugh on! However, I think we are all on a path that we have little control of right now and have to keep putting one foot in another and just believe in the community you stand in and support others around you.

I truly believe that 2020 is possibly a circuit breaker so many of us needed, maybe that us humans needed. To take a step back and live a simpler and easier life!

So I am so looking forward to filling the studio with the bounty of mother nature and get creative, with oodles of tea, Martha and Angus at my feet and classical music out loud..

So lets see where this new little journey takes us!!! x

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