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Autumnal Wedding Flowers in Dorset

Felicity and George married in early October for their Home wedding in Wimborne. With the most beautiful of Autumnal palettes, choosing more classic whites for their wedding ceremony at Lulworth Chapel. Then at home with their wedding marquee they went for darker richer pinks and burgundies, bringing the outdoors in. With poles wrapped in head to floor foliage and accent on apples, from using them as name places to having bowls of Apples, Crab Apples, Acorns and nuts all intermingled into the table scape. The ceiling of the marquee we created hanging leaves in which were threaded and then hung creating the most interesting of atmospheres, which felt like you had falling leaves above you. 

The wedding was the perfect example of how you can transform a white box into a truly special experience for you and your wedding guests. 

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