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Inspired by the Seasons & Governed by Sustainability 

I strongly believe that flowers need to not only reflect the person they are designed for, but also the season at that time. To achieve this, I  have some fantastic relationships with a number of flower suppliers; from Fred at the Dutch auctions, to a handful of passionate local flower farms nestled in the Dorset countryside. As well as flower farms specialising in scented roses and herbs, through to Cornish Narcissi throughout the country.

Throughout the year I will always look to use British flowers where possible, from fresh Herbs, Tulips to English Roses and locally grown Sweet Peas. I also gather and forage items into many of my designs giving arrangements that unique feel to them. 

Along with the above I am proud that we do everything we can to be as sustainable in our practices. As a floral studio we do not use any floral foam which is a toxic single use plastic in any of our design work and we have not done so since 2019. There are occasions which we will use blocks of wool, which is a natural, re usable and biodegradable product. Many of our mechanics are made from recycled or reusable products. 

We are avid about recycling, all our candle wax is sent off to a candle maker to be re used to make new candles and therefore is not put into landfill. All packaging and waste is recycled appropriately. We also even save our elastic bands and give them to the postman to re use. 


 All our green waste is composted, much of it in our own studio garden.  It is a great feeling knowing that our green waste is put back into the chain of mother nature.

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