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Bridal flowers are created for each individual bride and their wedding requirements. These prices details the initial starting from prices and are to be used as a guide line. Prices will vary depending on flower combinations, floral design size and season. 

The prices are just guide lines and when working with our Brides to create their bespoke flowers, I can discuss a number of different styles and options in order to create an individual wedding design proposal. 

Wild Garden Designs from £145.00

Bountiful Bridal Bouquets from £165.00

Shower Bouquets from £185.00

Bridesmaids Single Recipe Hand Tied from £60.00

Bountiful Bridesmaid's Hand-tied from £85.00

Bridesmaids Posies from £50.00

Flower Girl Posies from £45.00

Flower Crowns; Bridal from £60.00/ Maids from £45.00

Flower Girl Circlets from £45.00

Hair Combs from £25.00

 Buttonholes from £10.00

 Corsages from £18.00



There are so many potential ideas and floral combinations for decorating a wedding venue; these are just a few of the options I can offer. 


Pew Ends from £35.00

Footed Bowl Arrangements from £85.00

 Wild Vessel Arrangements from £150.00 

Urn Pedestals Arrangements from £275.00

Alter and Ceremony Table arrangements from £195.00

Meadows from £95.00 

Garden Posy Jars for Tables £35.00

Hand-tied Table Arrangements from £65.00

Hurricane Wreath Table Design From £90.00

Tall Table Design from £255.00

Compote Arrangements from £78.00

Bud Vase Collection from £70.00

Archways/Hanging Installations/Hanging Hoops*

The prices for such installations can be dependent on so many independent factors - so please contact me and I would be happy to talk through with you the potential designs available to you and their costs, the above are just approximations so you can understand the level of investment they require. 

Archways foliage based from £850.00 / with flower from £1,200.00  + *

Floral Columns foliage based £750.00 / with flower from £950.00 +*

Hanging Hoops foliage based from £750.00 / with flowers from £1,000.00+* 

Hanging Ladders foliage based from £650.00 / with Flowers from £850.00*

Full Wild Church Arches from £1,750.00 +*



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