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The Joy of Spring!

Spring is finally here! In response the garden has jumped into action and slowly but surely everything is starting to show itself. I got a little giddy when I saw the Peonies slowly sneek up through the ground and the first of the Spirea fronds bloom.

Last week I headed out and picked just a few of the spring delights from the garden and had a little play!

Dorset Spring Flowers

With the weeping Silver Birch just starting to leaf, the last of the Daffodils and the endless blooming Hellabores all cut and ready for arranging. It certainly created a wonderful flower recipe, with the warm tones of the Fritillary and the zestly lime and whites of the Hellabores.

Spring Wedding Bouquet

The result just the most natural of handties perfect for any spring wedding. The bouquet is set of perfectly by the 'Kate Cullen' Silk Ribbon which ties it. I loved this image with the natural spring light peering through the Victorian window.

Today, I leave you with this final image that went down a storm on our Instagram page. A floral wallpaper which is set of perfectly by the backdrop of Mentha Rose petals. I love sometimes that petals and flower heads on their own can shout as loudly as any Urn arrangement of blousy handtie.

Dorset Flowers

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