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Transform your venue to reflect you!


Jo from Rio Lounge & Wedding Letter Hire in Hertfordshire has shared her top tips on how to transform your venue so that it reflects your style, personality and will be a day to remember for you and your guests.

Every couple’s wedding is unique, celebrating a relationship that is one of a kind. So your wedding venue should reflect that special individuality – the distinctive quality that makes you different from all the other brides and grooms. There are a number of creative ways to transform and personalise your wedding venue, using flowers, lighting and other decorative touches. Here, we share some tips to ensure that on the day, your wedding venue is as individual as you are.

Statement Features

If you’re looking for a personalised piece that will stand out and get people talking, light bulb letters are a striking and memorable choice to adorn your wedding venue. These glamorous and glitzy oversized letters can be used to spell out anything you like, whether it’s LOVE or I DO, or something more individual. They’ll be a real talking point for your guests and will look great in your photos, and you can enjoy their appearance for years to come.

Wedding Decoration Ideas - LOVE Letters

Floor coverings are an often overlooked option for a truly individual look and feel. Consider hiring a special carpet to make your stroll up the aisle that bit more memorable. Or think about using personalised dance floor décor that will tempt even the most reluctant feet to get up and dance the night away.

Archways, curtains and canopies can all give your venue a dramatically different ambience, creating a perfect platform for speeches and photographs or making a cosy space for guests to cosy up and chill out.

The Power of Flowers

Floral arrangements have the power to transform your entire wedding. The best floral displays are designed with the venue in mind and styled in the setting, so that they really fit in with and enhance a venues surroundings.

Wedding Flower Decoration

The flowers should be carefully chosen to reflect your own personal tastes – colour, style, fragrance – and can also be used to convey symbolic meaning. So, to express love and fidelity you might choose a theme featuring forget-me-nots or ivy. Or to pay tribute to an absent friend or family member, you could decorate your venue with colourful zinnias. Why not start by researching flower meanings to help inspire a unique floral theme that is thoughtful, authentic and significant to you as a couple.

Light of your life

Lighting is one of those subtle tools that can be used to transform the entire mood of a room. Whether you’re employing romantic candlelight or bright and brash disco lights, your choice of lighting will go a long way to influence the whole ambience of the venue.

Wedding Candlelight Ideas

If your wedding décor is important to you, it’s worth investing in a lighting designer who can advise on the best ways to achieve the look and feel you’re going for - putting the bride and groom well and truly in the spotlight.


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