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A Spring delight for Hannah!

So quite a way back as I am not the best at keeping on top of recording all my weddings I design for.. I did a beautiful wedding for Mike and Hannah here in Dorset. Small, intimate and deeply personal to Hannah's vision and style.

Bridal flowers were delicate pinks with spring accents, using Ranunculus, David Austin Kiera Rose and Spirea as well as Bluebells and Butterly Ranunculus.

Her Bouquet was blousy, sumptous and just everything I love about Bride's who let you add your own natural flair to their big day.. with little wild moments from Cherry Blossom, Spirea and Honeysuckle.. which softened the layered lux blooms throughout! All Bound with beautiful natural Silk Ribbon.

Additional Bridal flowers were in Cream, pale pinks and touches of blue! with the very earliest of Sweet Peas too!

With the family having lived in the Middle East.. there love of Mezze food was chosen for their feast.. and in true Hannah styled we went for something just a little unique. In her Tipi Setting they turned it into something beautiful and arabian inspired. Tables were adorned with Lanterns decorated with deeped toned and richer colours compared to her bridal.. With dark scabious and Black Jack tulips! It really did give a pop of drama to the evening.

A wonderful unique day.. which I love.. flowers do not need to reflect the trends or latest pantone colours.. but they do need to reflect you..

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