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Love and Laughter for Simone.

Love sometimes just happens and at times when unexpected.. I loved hearing about Simone's journey in finding her Isaac, after all that is the core essence of everyone's wedding day. Getting to hear each brides story in finding her love is just one of the most privelaged parts of the job!

Simone had a simple family wedding after a transatlantic relationship with Isaac, after finally making the move to the UK they decided to tie the knot.

Simone chose simple grey toned bridal flowers for her wedding at Upton Country Park back in May.

Bouquets where made up of full of texture, to include Olive, Veronica, Claude de Tam Peony as well as Eryingium, Olive, Astilbe Eucalpyptus and more.. bound in silk ribbon.

Some lovely and heartfelt captures by the splendid Imogen Xiania, Dorset and national film photographer.

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