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Festive Times!

I sit at the desk this morning getting my head round the fact that it is 2018.. and catching up on emails and flower orders as Christmas was rather a little busy with festive florals.. by Christmas Day came round my poor hands were more than a little ruined after handling oodles of pine and juniper foliage.. only good thing is that you get bucket loads of hand cream for Christmas as a florist.

It was all worth it as I had the joy of working on some lovely festive set ups for country houses and private homes here in Dorset and Somerset. Creating beautiful flowers that would work for each individual house..

Here are just a few small snippets of some of the work that has been delivered this last month.

Beautiful arrangements full of peach roses and burgundy Amarylis and full of seasonal texture. This arrangement contains Red Lion Amarylis, Cappachino Roses along with Tallia rose. Skimmia, Hard Ruscus, Wax Flower, Gold Grevillia and Rosehips and Scabious Seed heads.

Above just one of several foliage filled arrangements that filled a Country House in Somerset that was full of modern art. So we kept the arrangements simple and clean in their look to match the bold and bright artwork they sat alongside.

A Christmas wreath full of mixed foliage, whole fruits and ilex berries.. as well as wreaths of all sizes out to people and homes from the dainty to the very large indeed!

Last delivery of the season on Christmas Eve - a 4ft wide Christmas Wreath to adorn the Lychgate at the local Church - full of mixed foliage's and simply an abundance of rosehips!

As I now look forward to the year ahead with filling the cutting patch once again with blooms, weddings galore - but most of all the exciting new project will be a bespoke new studio in its own walled garden!


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