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Stunning Autumn Luxury for Heather and Tom at Axnoller

As the last wedding of the season Tom and Heathers wedding was a bout of gorgeous Luxury in every sense. With timeless classic cars, beautiful banquet tables and Heather's Stunning Bridal dress.

We brought the inside out.. because on that day you certainly did not want to be outside; gosh did it rain! But as always for what every reason.. as soon as you go to say those special vows the clouds part and the weather cleared.

The day was based around dusky pinks and just oodles of autumn foliage and texture. The amount of foliage we took into Axnoller on the Friday was well a small wood. We created over 12 tall table arrangements, loose, wild and natural and that created a gorgeous warm woodland feel. Tables were lined with clear glassware candlesticks and a gorgeous mix of Ester and Erik taper candles that we all supplied at up. The table was also decked with Duchess and Butler add a really gorgeous extra dose of luxury to the mix.

We lined the entrance with flowers and filled urns with large amounts of foliage and candles turning the entire party barn into a warm and inviting space on such an Autumnal day.

These incredible photos are from Stuart Dudleston who did an incredible job.. I have also seen there engagement shoot which well is a wow.

Heather's bouquet was made up of Cafe Latte Garden Roses, Black Scabious, Cafe au Lair Dahlia, Astilbe, Heather, Miss English Spray roses and Upper secret roses and well rather a lot more.

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