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Summer Fine Art Inspiration

There are many things I love in the world, one of them is the sheer pleasure of running your fingers through Cow Parsley filled lanes, reading the words of Price and Prejudice just one more time.. listening to Vaughn Williams Lark Ascending and the beauty of the violin staccato in Max Ritchers' recomposed Vivaldi's 'Spring Movement'.. I would have all those items happily on repeat in my life day in day out.. they are things that feed my soul, makes it swell and feel so utterly like me.

There are things that do that to all of us... last summer there was a day in June, where the sun was beaming and the day was just joyous.. I had the pleasure of working with US fine art photographer Mariel Hannah to create something beautiful ' a feed your soul' kind of moment. All captured in the surroundings of Shillingstone House moments from our village cottage and along with dear friend Victoria Ferguson as part of our small and friendly team for the day. We were so very lucky that Jo Flemming lent us one of her perfect dresses and a long with the Hat, Fan and baskets all supplied from Lady's Salts own family collection from within the depths of Shillingstone House.

With creative design in my hands I let the pure moment of that day, that hazy and sweltering summer heat take lead the look and feel of the flowers. With Yarrow collected from the fields, armfuls of Paniculata Hydrangea which I just love. Nigella, Seed heads, foraged goodies and beautiful grapes from my parents home and Alstro which I admit I saw at the local supermarket.. it all came together.. With my favourite music blasting out, the sun shining and with bare feet I stood in the garden and designed..

Then that afternoon this happened. It was honestly like a day jumping into a dream world.. your own perfect Jane Austen / Thomas Hardy moment..

These beautiful pictures captured here in my home village just some up me.. my style and eveything I love..

Enjoy x

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