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Autumn Warmth for Susan and Dan at St Giles House

I loved working with Susan and Dan for their beautiful wedding at St Giles House. I adored Susan's vision of using yellow as a base. It is a colour that gets passed over so much and has so many possibilities. Decorating the lions at the front of the St Giles House was bar far one of the most fun I have had in a long while, Emily and I just giggled away while talking to our Lions.. we named them Willoughby and Heston!

Alongside warm yellows we added lovely fresh greens with hint of limes, Cappachino Roses as well as the beautiful garden Rose Unforgettable and hints of a darker tone with Chocolate Cosmos and Raspeberry Roses.

It all made for a really warm and very happy day, lots of smiles and the sun came out. Susan looked stunning in her incredible Temperley dress. So these lovely images are from Paul Underhill and really capture the love and laughter of this day.

St Giles House Wedding

Autumnal Wedding for Dorset Wedding

St Giles House Wedding


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