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Garden Luxury at Came House, Dorset with Jess & Alex

The most beautiful of weddings for Jess and Alex at Came House despite the heavens being open all day long, if they say its lucky to be rained on on your wedding day, then this couple is sorted for life.

Planned by the talented Cara of Katrina Otter Weddings this was a fabulous day with an incredible team onsite. With Dominique Bader Photography who beautifully captured every moment of their day.

" Dear Emma, Thank you so much for the amazing flowers that you did for our wedding day!, They were so beautifully and massively exceeded our expectations and it really was our vision brought to life. Thank you in particular for helping out with all the extra details when we found out it was going to rain! Everything just looked stunning!

Thank you Jess and & Alex "


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