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Timeless Style for Katherine and Charles at Came House.

When I first met Katherine, she was trying to explain to me her perfect wedding style - she spoke about this off beat movie, which was a little scary and had this tent in the garden and in the 1930's. Before she could even finish, I stopped her and said ' you are talking about ''Glorious 39'' that Steven Polikov movie that know one knows about - I adore that film.. its one of my favourites.. !' and well from there the entire process of working with Katherine and her wedding planner Katrina Otter was a joy!

Katherine got her Raj tent and he beautiful marquee - the entire day was just joyful and utterly timeless.

These beautiful images by Dominique Barber capture the day perfectly. Catering was by the epic and one of my favourites Doggart and Squash


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