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Martha who?

Here is the first of many a lighthearted post from our studio in Dorset. Today I thought I better introduce you to Martha.

Yes that is right I am not her, after all she would struggle to introduce herself to you, because she is a Dog! A chocolate working cocker with the personality of a little human! She is currently sat at my feet keeping them warm.

Martha is as much as in love with flowers as I am! The very first day she arrived at the cottage, she ran into the Dahlia patch, tore the heads of my prized 'Cafe au Lait' and took them back to her bed like they were treasures. She has had her nose in every thing that has ever been planted or sown and loves a tug of war with the sweet pea vines.

I am asked frequently why did I not just call my business after myself, it would have probably helped with SEO and google ranking. However, my life here in Dorset after years working abroad is focused around Martha (my husband too!) and the water meadows that we live next to! My work as a wedding florist is part of that and well it just felt right! So if you are going to build a brand on your passions and creativity it kind of feels right to just go with your instincts. So hence Martha and the Meadow was born and now we are a fully fledged Dorset Wedding Florist.

So know if you are coming for a wedding consultaion it will not just be me who you get to meet!

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