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March Favourites

I thought February was a short month, but it seems that actually March has flown by and now we are on the cusp of the wedding season. It would be nice though to see a little more warmth from the sun - so that we we can really jump into spring. I still seem to be attached to my socks and wooly hat!!

March has been about the arrival of spring and Easter - with blues, yellows and a pale palette taking over Instagram. Though it seems I have been reluctant to leave behind the richness of winter. Instead of Daffodils adorning the cottage this Easter, we just kept it simple with vases of wild Pussy Willow. Which seemed more appropriate for an Easter where we were dodging rain clouds and storm Katie.

So a few of the little things that made me smile this last month.

1. Scabious

I have always been a fan of Scabious - but like many people the expecation is that they only come in the classic white and palest of blue. Well move over tradition. Because, in recent years they have arrived in every vibrant colour, from Rasberry Ripple to almost black. So I was thrilled when I was able to use them this month for some of our recent works.

Bridal Flowers

2. Pastry Delights

I admit it I am not an Easter Egg fan, but more of a profiterrole kind of gal. Of late, I have seen my Instagram and Twitter feed full of some really interesting and different ideas of what to do with eclairs and donuts that could create a statement at your wedding. Well I could not resit the look of these little Parisian Daschunds and well gold Donuts - surely enough said.

The cutest wedding pastries ever!

3. Belle Epoque Tulips

Belle Epoque Tulip - British Flowers

With the continuing trend of using British Flowers and the use of alternative varieties to create interest and fine art floral designs. The one bloom of spring that everyone has fallen in love with is the 'Belle Epoque' Tulip. As I write this, mine are just starting to bloom outside the office window. With their creamy Apricot centre they are trully a wonderous little spring bloom. I found out about these blooms in the winter of 2014 and planted them to see if they were really as beautiful in real life as they looked in so many photographs. Well I think I can say they are! If you are looking for Tulips in your spring wedding, do ask your florist about the more unsual tulip blooms available to add that something special to your bridal bouquet.

4. Floral Wedding Dresses

I have always been a complete sucker for anything floral.. not just actual flowers, but big blousy prints. They have an ability to draw me into the them like I was a moth to a flame. So when I saw this link and these images, I spent the next half an hour in heaven. I just wished I had an excuse to where such a dress... or maybe I don't need one.

If you are looking for an alternative dress for your wedding or just any day to be precise. Check this link out.

With April now ahead of us and the excitement of the summer months with all those beautiful blooms and weddings to come, I really can't wait. I think now I can finally say good bye to my Wooly Hat for this year and start to enjoy Spring for all its glory.

Em x

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