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Morning Light at St Giles House, Dorset

Wedding flowers St Giles House Dorset

Somedays, a little bit of magic just happens!

I have had the real privelage of working with a small and creative team of Dorset Fine Art Wedding Suppliers, to include Imogen Xiania (Fine Art Film Photographer), Gemma Milly a beautiful Fine Art Calligrapher and artist and Victoria Fergurson who produces the prettiest of Hair Accessories.

All in the rather magical setting of St Giles House, Dorset.

Wedding Flowers St Giles House Dorset

Wedding Florist Dorset

St Giles House Dorset

I will just let these beautiful images speak for themselves. Set in an early cold November morning we wanted to capture the romance of a Brides Journey through the morning of her wedding, from a lazy breakfast, time alone to ponder the day and then in her beautiful dress.

The flowers were seasonal as always, with beautiful Mocca Amarylis, with accents of burnt Beech, Winter Paperwhites, Dianthus in caramel along with early Japonica and Winterbells Helaborous.

Enjoy and sit back and soak up the romance of these beautiful images. x x

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