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Buttercup Delight for Kate

Country Dorset weddings are what I love.. Kate came to see me and after chatting over a pot of tea I got to find out that her first love was gardening and she was a trained horticulturalist, a little different from her day job now as an ITU dedicated nurse.

Her love of gardening was key for her flowers, she wanted natural flowers with scent, with a mix of pink, buttery yellow and cream. So after talking we spoke about adding layers of herbs from English Mint and Rosemary, local Dorset sweet peas and an abundance of best of british to her bouquet. The star of show was David Austin Patience with its buttery centre alongside Peony Duchess de Nemour and Sarah Bernardt. With the added bonus of Miss English and Prince Jardiner...

As well as all of that there was Scabious, White Nigella, Rocket flowers and my all time favourite Aqueligia!!!! Which just has to be one of the most delicate blooms out there .

I dropped of the bouquet early in the morning and caught Kate in her Pj's with her Nan having a cuppa in the kitchen. Just as I thought.. she was relaxed and had everything in hand and thankfully really loved her bouquet!

After that I not only delivered her table flowers to Stockbridge Farm barn where she was having her reception. I also had the honest delight of heading to Batcombe Church. It was her family church and meant a great deal to the entire family. Tucked under the hill and off a little lane - the Church was just idylic! With the sunshine popping out from the clouds it was a moment of tranquility to enjoy!

Two large and wild Milk Churns decorated the front of the church. Full of Delphinium and Larkspur as well as Cow Parsley...

I got to catch up with Kate a few weeks after the wedding and it was lovely to hear that her Bouquet ventured with her and Matt to Cornwell for their Honeymoon and only faded on the last day!

Another beautiful wedding, lovely couple and fab Dorset location..

Em x

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