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February Favourites

My treat whilst at my desk bashing out emails and spending time working on quotes for wedding flowers, is to head over to one of my favoutie health blogs and check out their Video section. Why is this relevant you may ask? The reason is, every month lovely Madeleine will upload a video of her favourite finds for that month and I find it really enjoyable! I thought what a great idea! Don't worry I am not brave enough to video myself just yet, nor will I be telling you to add Bee Pollen to your breakfast.

But, I did think that every month I would list 5 of my favourite things from that month, that inspired me or I just simply loved. It may be a new flower variety, new wedding trend and so on.

So after a cold and slightly longer than usual February, I thought I would hit you with my monthly Favourites.

So here goes!

1. Ranunculus

These beautiful flowers have more than ever filled the flower world with their characterful bloom and have become such a hit! Available in a variety of colours from pastels, to brights and even the deepest of sultry shades.

The ranunculus have begun to adorne many a bridal bouquet, kitchen table and instagram shot. I have not only been using them a lot recently, but have fallen head over heels in love with the new Pom Pom varieties. I am convinced they are more enjoyable to look at than a Chocolate Brownie!

2. Gem of a cake!

The images have been about for a few months now. But Geode inspired cakes and touches to weddings have put their mark on many of the wedding blogs on both side of the Atlantic.

I am just in awe of this cake, I have done some baking in my time but this is just a big fat wow! As I write this I am still trying to work out how this is achieved! It also makes me wonder how to pick up this crystal craze and bring it into some intersting floral designs! Could be interesting?

3. Coloured Linen

Encompassing the whole design picture is something I always believed in. This last month I have been on the hunt for some fab linen suppliers. Because floral designs for weddings and events should be considered with many components in mind, not just what colour scheme the client has chosen.

I believe it should all tie in together and one trick I was taught moons ago and have never forgotten, is to consider different coloured linens for your event.

I fell in love with this striped tablecloth! What a beautiful statement. Imagine this with just would look lovely, but would never be in the same realm as this.

4. Blossom

TO be honest this is really an all year favourite! But with Rebruary seeing the first of the early cherries and blackthorn bursting into blossom it has to be on the list.

Imagine your church filled with just urns of early blossom! Its as simple as that!

With the arriveal of Spirea in the wholesalers, along with a variety of Prunus we really are spoilt for choice. So make sure your spring wedding flowers includes blossom to add to that whimisical feeling to any arrangement.

5. Leaping February!

Surely it has to be the fact that this 2016 February is a leap year! Giving all those wonderful loved up ladies a chance to pop the question to her man, with out fear or recourse! It only comes around once every 4 years, but its definitley not one to be missed. So I wonder if any of our Dorset Weddings in the coming months will have all begun with a question on the 29th Feb?

Well lets see what March brings and what will inspire me.. at this rate I may be listing woolly socks, after all they are an essential for any florist and with this cold start to the month a must!

Em x

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